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Organized by ISKCON, Tirupati.


Find the treasure of peace, happiness and love that liles hidden within your own heart.

Ancient Vedic wisdom presented from a modern scientific perspective.

How I will benefit from this program?

You will

  • Learn to harness the power of the Mind through mantra Meditation.
  • Unleash the potentials of the soul to find inner fulfillment.
  • Gain access to the power of God to overpower undesirable and self-destructive habits and traits.
  • Empower yourself with timeless Vedic techniques to successfully tackle the stresses and tensions of modern living.
  • Harmonize yourself with the universal laws of Karma and thus save yourself from future suffering.
  • Discover the non-sectarian spiritual truths that can unify all religions and people.

Salient Features

  • Scientific understanding of God, soul and life
  • Seminars with colour slide show presentations.
  • Exiting question and answer session.
  • Mantra Meditation technique
  • Delicious dinner prasadam.
Thousands all over the World have benefited. Why should you stay deprived of your right to a meaningful and joyful life?

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